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The Brains Approach

Brains was created for people new to investing, who know little about investing, and want the investing process to be painless and enjoyable. The Brains approach is founded on two fundamental principles:

  • Create portfolios based on our Members’ beliefs and values of the world around them, and
  • Offer low to medium risk investments by diversifying portfolios with relatively low volatility stocks.

The majority of the funds Brains offers are proprietary funds that our team created in-house, although we do offer select ETFs from other investment companies as well. Our Brains funds each consist of 10-20 company stocks which fit the definition of that strategy. For example, our Alternative Energy fund consists of 10-20 stocks of companies which are affiliated with wind, solar, or geothermal energy. The companies we select are typically from the Russell 3000 index, which are the 3000 largest companies listed on US stock exchanges. Our funds generally do not consist of many smaller companies, as smaller companies can often less established and carry greater risk. We aim to create portfolios for our Members which consist of 3-5 of our funds, which means our Members will be invested in about 50 companies total. This is similar to owning a few typical index funds (ETFs or mutual funds), which are generally viewed as being diversified, lower in risk, and ideal for long term growth. Our goal at Brains is to help our Members build portfolios which will grow in value over the long term.

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