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Invest Intelligently

Brains is the only investment platform in the world that helps people like you get smarter about the way you invest by tailoring your portfolio to your unique world view and lifestyle.

In Your Future

We have created investment strategies that will help you achieve your financial goals while focusing your investments on a future that aligns with your own vision and values.

Our Model is Based on Technology

A System Created by Experts

Our Brains team is made up of specialists in psychology, economics, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and wealth management. Under the hood of our interactive and easy to use Brains world model is a sophisticated engine of proprietary algorithms.

Fun and Easy

We’ve created these powerful technologies to make investing simpler and more enjoyable for you. You tell us who you are and what you believe in, and we help you build a mix of investments unique to you. No one else in our community will have your exact portfolio (unless they’re your secret twin).

Brains is About You

The core of our Brains investment strategy is customization for each individual member.

Our entire platform was built to take the time to understand who you are, and then help you craft a personalized investment package that represents this unique you.

Your Brains Community

Brains is more than just an investing website. We are the only platform in the world with a Discussion Board and Library for you to chat with other members and learn about how world events may affect your investment choices.

Discussion Board

Our Brains Discussion Board is an exciting place where you can see what other members are saying about current issues like climate change, world conflicts, and technology. You can participate in conversations, ask our experts and other members questions, and learn about investing in real-time.


Brains helps you learn about investing. Our Economist and other experts regularly update our Brains Library with articles they’ve read which are relevant to our members investment options. Members can even discuss what they’re reading on the Discussion Board!

Portfolio Updates

Brains experts update their collective assessment of world issues as they occur, and present how they may affect your investment possibilities.

Brains Investments

What is a Brains portfolio?

Each Brains member has a portfolio which consists of a group of funds, and in some cases, individual company stocks. It’s as simple as that!

What is a Brains fund?

Our Brains experts have created our own boutique funds that are designed to integrate with our proprietary model. Each of our funds consists of company stocks which meet the definition of that fund. For example, our Brains Longevity Fund consists of stocks from companies which are involved with medical technologies that improve and extend our lives. All of the Brains in-house funds have absolutely no associated fees or charges. Nothing. Nada.

What is a stock?

A stock is a share of ownership in a company. The more stock you own in a company, the more of that company you own. If the company is doing well, the stock price usually increases in turn.

Is Brains Risky?

All investing has some degree of risk. Brains does not offer high or aggressive risk options. We are focused on offering only investments that are considered low to medium risk by respected industry professionals. We include safer money market instruments in all member portfolios to mitigate some risk, and members are encouraged to add more if they feel less risk tolerant.

Membership Costs = One
Vanilla Latte (with Soy Milk)
Per Month

It’s true, your only cost to invest with Brains is $3 per month, as much as one of your fancy coffees! Your membership fees include…

  • Investing in our exclusive funds that aren’t offered anywhere else (with no hidden fund charges, nothing. Seriously.).
  • Full use of our Discussion Board and Library.
  • Alerts when world events occur with commentary on how they may affect your portfolio.

And occasionally we will offer you investment options in non-Brains funds that we feel you might be interested in. Some of these non-Brains funds might have small fees that go to the companies offering them. We’ll always let you know which funds these are and how much they charge. Accounts greater than $5,000 are only charged a low .25% fee on their total account value – we waive your monthly Membership fees!

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