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What’s the deal with your free Membership offers?

It’s true. You can get up to one year of free Brains membership by signing up this month. For a limited time, we are offering one year of free Membership for new sign-ups, and $100 for each friend you refer (as many friends as you like!) Just sign up today to receive the first year free, and once you are signed in you can refer your friends from a link on the menu. With free Membership, your monthly Membership fee is waived and you can invest in any of our Brains boutique funds absolutely free for accounts up to $5,000 in value. There are no hidden charges. Brains offers a few non-Brains funds (the Money Market, Cannabis, and travel/international funds) which charge small fees, which are reflected directly in the prices of those funds. Brains receives no compensation from the non-Brains funds we offer. Accounts with balances over $5,000 always have free Membership! They are only charged a low yearly advisory fee of .25% of the account value.

How is Brains different than the other online advisors?

In so many ways! Brains is the only online investment advisor in the world which created sophisticated models to assess who our members are across multiple dimensions, like their future view of the world. We help our Brains community invest in tailored and personalized portfolios that are unique to each and every member. Brains created our own craft funds which aren’t available anywhere else. The other guys use others companies’ funds, which anyone with a computer can buy on their own. And we’re the only investment advisor which is a real online Community, with a Discussion Board for Members to chat and share with other Members, and a Library with interesting articles to help you understand and learn about investing.

How do I get started with Brains?

The quickest and easiest way to get started with Brains is to join as a Member. Once you provide your name, email address, and select a username/password you are taken right to our World View assessment to begin the adventure of inventing your own investment portfolio. If you have limited time now, you can take the World View Express or Experts paths, and then go through a brief onboarding process where you can transfer money to your Brains account (just $50 gets you started). When your money arrives, you’ll automatically be invested in the Brains World View portfolio that you created. You can come back later when you have more time to look around a bit more, and use the Interests and Lifestyle assessments to better reflect your World View in your portfolio, or even change your investments around manually if you want. If you have more time now, we recommend taking the Deep Dive World View path, and then moving on to your Interests and Lifestyle assessments. This will allow us to recommend a more personalized investment portfolio for you right off the bat.

What’s the difference between a Brains Guest and Member?

If you just want to check out Brains and look around without a commitment, sign in with your name and email address as a Guest. You will have full access to take our Brains World View, Interests, and Lifestyle assessments, getting you prepared to become a full investing Member. You can even take a look at Member features like the Discussion Board and Library (although you can’t participate until you become an actual Member and start investing). Members go through our onboarding process where we help you connect your bank account to your Brains account, so you can invest in your personal portfolio. Once connected, you have full access to all of the Brains special features.

How much does Brains cost?

Brains Membership is only $3/month, which includes all of the costs for investing in Brains boutique funds, access to the Discussion Board and Library, and updates from our Experts on how new world events might present investment opportunities for you. Brains boutique funds have no charges at all, not even secret hidden charges. We offer a select handful of other funds which do have very small fees reflected in the fund’s prices, and go directly to those fund companies (Money Market, Cannabis, and travel/international funds). For accounts greater than $5,000 in value, Brains waives your monthly Membership fees and only charges you a low .25% yearly advisory fee on the money in your account. Brains receives no fees or compensation from any funds offered in our program. We only receive the monthly Membership/advisory fees mentioned above.

How does investing with Brains work?

Brains offers a few unique and fun personal assessments, which help us recommend a portfolio of our funds that fits you and your lifestyle. Once you sign up and become a Brains Member, you are taken through a short onboarding process where you answer a few important questions required by our US government friends, and then we help you connect your bank to your Brains account so you can start investing with us. It’s a necessary and almost painless process! We encourage our Members to come back frequently to visit our Community resources to see what others are saying and investing in based on new world events.

What’s a Brains “fund”?

Great question! A fund is basically a group of stocks, and a stock is a share of ownership in a company. Brains creates our own funds to match with Members’ future view of the world, interests, and lifestyle. They are unique to Brains, and designed to integrate with our Brains system and algorithms. You can’t get Brains funds anywhere else. Brains boutique funds consist of 10-20 company stocks, which meet the strategy of that fund. For example, our Alternative Energy fund invests in companies affiliated with wind, solar, hydro, or other sources of alternative energy.

How do I deposit money into my Brains account?

When you sign into Brains as a Guest or initially as a Member, you will be given an opportunity to invest in the portfolio you created. From there, we walk you through our onboarding process where you can select your bank to authorize a transfer of funds to your Brains account. You can transfer additional funds from your bank to your Brains account as often as you wish.

How do I withdraw money from my Brains account?

Withdrawing money from Brains is simple! Just visit your Holdings on your Dashboard to withdraw all or part of your cash balance, or sell some of your portfolio and transfer funds to your bank account.

Where are my investments held?

Brains Investments LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor. Investment advisors advise their customers (our “Members”) but never actually touch your money. Brains uses Apex Clearing Corporation as our custodian and clearing company. Apex Clearing is registered with the SEC, a member of FINRA, a participant in SIPC and licensed in 53 states and territories. Apex Clearing holds your money and investments, and buys and sells securities on our behalf.

How do I contact you guys?

If you have any questions that we didn’t answer on our home page, FAQ, or Member Help section, please feel free to email us at support@brains.money.

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